There are a lot of things happening to you every single day.It can be good,it can be bad.

Every single day,you wake up with hope that you will improve that day much better than the day before.You can be successful or fail with your attempt to do it.

You anxiously,cautiously walking through a thin bridge in the midst of fog.unclear with which direction you go,worrying you will fall anytime. Continue reading “WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ALIVE”

Practicality and convenience 

This was my plan the day before yesterday night. Wake up from sleep, take a shower, eat breakfast and write journal. Okay. A perfect plan. 

Yesterday, when I woke up from sleep, I immediately went straight to my desktop, turned it on and opened a web browser. And then I realized that I did something completely different compared to what I planned the day before and I’m sure this problem happens to everyone too. 

I remembered when I was watching a video in YouTube explaining about the gap between intention and action. We do have good intention but mostly we follow our impulse and instinct by doing whatever we find fun, entertaining and convenient

The dreamer and do-er

I watched a Brian Tracy’s video about tips to prioritize tasks which he called ABCD system. A is the high priority task that need urgency to make it, B is also high priority but no need of urgency, C is medium priority task with small importance but not as important as B and D is task that not important and can be done anytime. In that video, Brian also said that we need to finish task A before going to B, C and D. 

Here is where practicality and convenience comes . Our brain loves to do tasks that give largest amount of benefit/enjoyment  over how much effort needed for that task. In other words, we seek convenience. 

For example, looking at what happened to my yesterday morning, I immediately lost my focus as soon as I waking up. I cannot see how much beneficial or practical in preparing myself for the day compared to surf the web in early morning. Because my brain at the time desired enjoyment but at the same time didn’t want to do difficult tasks. Just click any link, and you can crave whatever contents on the Web . In this case, convenience trumps practicality. 

So here is a trick I tried on today morning. First of all, I said to myself that night that I believed in the consequences of the action I made for tomorrow,  With that mindset, after I waking from sleep, I immediately paused and thought, 

What is the most practical task that I should do after waking up from sleep?

Immediately, I went straight preparing myself for today because I knew that I will be more confident and energetic to start my day. 

I knew it is not as convenient as surfing the Web or looking at my smartphone but I believed it is more practical and beneficial for my routines of that day.

The same thing happened to me when I decided to write this post. Truthfully, I want to indulge myself by surfing web, watching videos, scrolling Fb, Insta and Twitter, but then I realized that I have a responsibility which is:

To spread good ideas and thoughts to the world through my blog

That is the reason why I’m writing this post. Because I believe that somebody can learn from it to make their life a lot better than ever. 

Signing out 

Isaac T. Wise

P. S: Thanks for reading this post. I hope that it could make your day a lot better and brighter and ever.See you soon!