Let’s Move On

Our life are unpredictable.There ups and down in our life.Dark past and uncertainty future.But even so,we still strive on our life.

It is because our life are precious as they only once. Yet,there still somebody clueless about their journey in life.



The solutions?

Don’t worry,we cannot predict our future even we make plan of it  in most careful way.It’s normal.

But,what we must do?


Dream about your future and strive hard to achieve it.

Believe in your dream,just move on,grasp it as hard you can.

Don’t believe it?

Reality is what your mind perceive it ,right?




Life is full with uncertainty.Its full with wave of challenges yet it still fun to surf on the wave of life.

And the most important is believing in what you’re dreaming.

So take your surfboard and move on,running to uncertainty sea of life.


And you will see the beauty of  sunset at the horizon  which is tiring experience but yet joyful.

So,what are you waiting for?Let’s move on!




2 thoughts on “Let’s Move On

  1. Revisit my first post after 3 years passing.Time flies very fast without we realizing it.But the past is the past and we need to work in present so that we achieve the life we want in the future that we own ourselves.


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