Past,Present and Future

Hello,everyone.Now,my laptop’s clock showing 12.47 a.m.It’s already passed midnight and now i’m writing this post in the darkness of night.

As it getting late now and i want to highlight the topic above.

In our life,there will a time when you’re thinking of what purpose do you life or have you done something worthy in your life.In other word,you will turning back to your past.


You feel that you stuck between your past and future.And then you stop all changes that you made in your life and slowly turning back into your old self.It this situation ever happen to you?I’ve already experienced that situation.

I was from poor family at past and i decided that i will be successful in future to help my family.It’s my past and vision of future.

But,then,when I was in high school,all my enthuasism of creating my future dropped.I ignored my innerself desire and started to become passive.I didn’t care about my future and took lesson from my past.It was a really dark moment in my life.

I felt guilty but i can’t against it.My ignorance had become bigger until all my hope in my life gone.

How do i recover from this sickness?I thought as hard as i can about it,finding the solution.

And then,i asked my mother about what she expected from me as her son.She said,”Don’t become like me,who hadn’t finished her highschool,working as cleaner,learn as much as you can and become a successful person as you wish.”

At first,I not really affected by her words as i had no faith in my life.But then,she smiled to me.I realized something.She who is a cleaner,working hard day by day to afford all 3 children,also a single mother but still she can smile to me.What the meaning of this?


My mother,who is never finish her study,having bad past but she focusing all of her energy in present so that her childrens’ future will be guaranteed.On the other hand,I,who is continuing his study to university,cannot even get up from his bed as he don’t care about his future.I’m a failure.

From there,I realized that i will never change.Never.Really?Yes.

But,something that i can do right NOW,start my life all over again,build my enthuasiam,make my past as my lesson and my future as my guideline in becoming a better person.And still cannot change.Why?Because the changes will come to you  without you never realize it.

Your past and future are not exist.It’s present that is exist.So,do you need to do the important assignment tomorrow?No,i can do it NOW

.do it now

Life is full with possibilities,and we just need to find the possibilities,by doing something right now,because that only time that we have.

Ah,its getting too late right now.and i need to go sleep.But,there are many ideas in my head right now.I feel i want to do something right now.Do you have any ideas to help me improving my blog?Or you want to give some comments or opinions or maybe say hello to me,you can just put in comment section.

Thanks for reading my post,I hope you enjoy it and bye bye.



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