Making a Wrong Choice

Yo,hello,everybody.AizackSora is here. We all know how to choose good items from supermarket,right?But not as easy as making choice in our life.


We all have given many choices in our life but its depend on us to realise it and make decision of it. However,what if we make wrong choices and become failure of it.Sad?Depressing? Yeah,you’ve make mistakes but it doesn’t necessarily to be regretted of.Just why? Easy.Imagine a manual car.There are 5 or 6 gear there.Calculate how many gears that allow the car move forward and backward.There is only 1 reverse gear .What this means?


Moving forward is a priority than moving backward.Just like a car,we are allowed to look behind our past to learn our own mistakes and make correction from it. That’s it.No need to cry or angry about it.Instead,look 5 minutes,1 hour,1 day,1 week,1 year and next forward and made right decision of it. Broaden your mind.There are a lot things that you will experience later and your past had become memories. Its not a game over if you made a wrong choice.Instead, you’re leveling up in your life.Failure is  a catalyst for being successful. So,what have you done today?What are you need to do tomorrow?Do you have decide it yet? It’s better to make a wrong choices and learn from it than make a good one but don’t take lesson from it.


Notes:I’m sorry for not updating my blog for a while.But today,I’ve free time to do it.I hope you enjoy it. If you’ve any ideas,please comment here and don’t hesitate to share it because sharing is caring. See you tomorrow and goodbye.Adios.


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