How technology changes your life?

Okay, we already know how rapid the technology have advanced nowadays. From big crt monitor to slim lcd monitor. From phone that can  call or sms to 4k video recording or pay by nfc. It is surely a great leap of technology today.


    Here is my story. Five years ago compared to now. I used to watch from  tiny and bulky 21 inch sony tv and 32 inch Sharp tv. I remember how heavy the both things compared to slim lcd toshiba my family owned now. I also had small samsung netbook. For tech fan like me, the features were not appealing as i cannot play heavy games and surfing internet fastly than 1 year old acer aspire that i bought later. Lastly, the smartphone that i own right now is xiaomi mi3. Ok, i know it is not on par with other flagship smartphone but i bought it because of the value. Compared to my previous device, it is actually a lot better. Previously, i had sony experia e and nokia 3310 and few more.
     But how it affects my life? I love watching tv 5 years ago, as my family cannot buy laptop for me. Our family condition were hard in past. Seeing children talked about new released games at the time, i only just heard them while finishing homework in school. When i get the netbook as iniative from government, i was very grateful. Unfortunately, of course without internet connection, my netbook will be pretty useless. As a result, i went to library to get free wifi access. As the phone, i used it for calling my mother only. The kid at that time teached me how to transfer music by infrared by their phone but my phone cannot do same like that(thinking how immature i am at that time). As i growing up, i see a lot of advancement in technology. And i still slow behind it.
     But, as my family conditions become better, i can slowly adapt to the advancement. With money i have, i bought new laptop which i used for assignment and research, while my family sit in front tv enjoying the show, and how i writing this post from my mobile.


     Sure, throughout our life, many changes happened in trends, fashion, economy and technology. But seeing back to the past, sometime we smiled on how we live for our life at that time. And how will we live for our future. So, appreciate your life today, as it will be sweet past when you think about it in future.
    So, can you tell me how technology changes your life? Put in the comment below. See you again in the next post!


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