Being an observant.

In the last post,I wrote that I like to be an observant.The subject that I love to observe is human behaviour itself.But,then I suddenly realize how much I observe myself,physically or mentally?


Put that aside,we talk about observing other people.In this fast developed information age,the people can speak up their opinion or opinion in web either especially in social website.From there,sometimes I observe many people personality because their opinion symbolises their thinking.

From my observation,people tend to give bad criticism without analyse the matter in depth.As a result,the people that involved in that matter will be offended because the audience never understand what they really do.In other cases,the internet users argue about some sensitive matter justifying their opinion.Well actually that is ‘their’ opinion not for all.Sometimes,I feel like somebody who watch a war between two sides which result of nothing while I just enjoying it without get what the point they fight for.

That is right,no one wrong or true in giving opinion.So there are no reason to justify it to opposite side which is pointless.

We as human being should respect each other even we are from different race,religion or belief, and being tolerant is the best way to solve in most problems.

By observing people,I get know that people keen to express their true personality in internet.In other way,it is good because we do not pretend to be someone else.We have freedom in doing what we want without being judged by others.

Lastly,I want to point out what I wrote in first paragraph.How much you observe yourself than other people?How do you judge yourself than others?Do you know yourself?

In this case,the subject is myself.I am an introvert who want to do what he loves.Sometimes,I prefer being alone than in crowds not because I’m not friendly but I just think it is not unnecessary.Also,I have trouble in finding out what path will I take to achieve what I want.From that two statement,people judge me as someone who do not care what happened to his environment which is not.

But I never hate them because sometimes people can be wrong and not true all the time.That is one of the examples what are you thinking maybe not same to others.

Okay,so how do you observe yourself and other people?And how you interpret it into your own life?Put the comment below and if you like this post,please drop a like.Sayonara.


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