It’s already months since I writing this article.I even totally forgot to visit this blog.Well,so many things happened to me during that period of time.

Right now,I’m quiet busy with my college(not really) and somehow I feel that I’m not belong there.

Why?It just I’m becoming boring to my life right now.But,at the same time,I don’t want to step out from my comfort zone,worrying it will affect my life.

Also,when I’m trying to change it,I lost the motivation along the time,causing me to revert to my old self.It’s bad huh.

And that what happened during that time.I lost motivation,direction and vision,becoming empty vessel.Until I thought something,maybe I could express this feeling to someone?Yeah!Where?

And I stumbled back here,where I could write whatever I want,expressing my feeling and teaching myself to be a better person.I need to do something even the smallest one.I want to be someone who is worthy at least to myself.I don’t want to sit on chair without doing anything,as it is extremely painful for me even though it is a pleasure to me.

Lastly,I hope I can update this blog more often in the next future.Thanks for reading.


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