How to make yourself to be more occupied.

I’m bored.That always in our mind when we have nothing to do.But at the same time,we refuse to do it,occupy our time.

How to solve it?First,realize that you are special and have something worthy in our life.By appreciating ourselves,we believe that we’ve purpose in our life.

Second,get up from your bed and go outside-or at least away from your bedroom.We always in our comfort zone and that is why we refuse to do something extraordinary as we push our limit.So,don’t hesitate and embark your journey.

Third,learn new skills either cooking,drawing or even editing videos.Do something that take your interest.Boredom happened as we hit mental block,believing its done,nothing to do even though there countless thing to do.

Lastly,we said we bored because we have nothing to do but sometimes ia also happened as we have too much things to do.Set priority and time bound for the task.Also set your rest time between the task and reward yourself by drinking coffee and etc.

Final words,always loving yourself.You’ve unlimited potential but you need to harvest it to acquire the our potential.Wake up from our dream and get our task done.Finish what are you doing and be grateful to yourself.

By the way,it’s not only you that are bored anyway.Everyone else else also similar like you.

Please like and comment if you’ve something to say.I appreciate for your response.Thanks!



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