3 years wiser,better,happier than before.

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Hello there,it’s already April 2017.How easy am I to forget about how fast time already passing us.On 20th October 2014,I published my first post.I was so happy that I could share with everyone my story,my opinion while eagerly hear the same things from other people.I believe that my blog will help both the viewer and myself.

     2015.This blog itself helped me to recover myself from feeling lonely and depressed.That year,it seemed I was having too much work in college,so I decided to take hiatus and then slowly forgot about it.

     A lot of things happened throughout the year,next year and the year after.Good or bad,all of it helped me to improve my life by learning from the mistakes and reflecting upon my attitude and action.Honestly,almost 3 years later,looking to who was I back then,it like watching and remembering a different person.But,I do know that the person is me myself.

     April 2017.For once,I managed to rise up from ashes.I now proud with my own grade score.It is maybe not excellent,but it is far better than previous one.I now can wake up from sleep with no worry,finish up task like a breeze,do whatever I want that could help me to be closer with my goals and then go to bed,feel satisfied and fulfilled.

     After a disastrous failure on my semester result 2 years and 1 year ago,it struck my head,gave me realization that I’m not special.I’m was lucky and managed to pass through every struggle and difficulty back then and I believed that I’m special and a lucky boy.But,I took too much time to realize I was doing misstep in my life.And then,it happened and it felt like the end of the world.

     Realizing the fact I could be expelled if I am doing the same mistake again,after that I worked on myself so hard.Every single day,I studying and finishing every assignment,coming to every class and also improving my physical and mental health by writing journal and exercising.It was difficult to accomplish.It was a very big gamble for me.I was sacrificing every single time and effort for that purpose.

     And it worked! Hurray!But the journey still not finish yet,there is more waiting for me and I’m excited and prepared for the next challenge and setback in the future.So,from that,3 years later,I’m coming back to this blog and I will try my best to create the best content that helps to teach the audiences and also myself on ways how to live the life we dream of.

Thank you for reading my post.Bye.

Signing out from:

Isaac T.Wise


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