Invitation to my new website:Twise Art

Hello everyone,I just make a new blog,Twise Art where I will upload my sketches and drawing there.I always aspire to be an artist despite now I am not even in art college.Yet,I believe it still can be done albeit with a lot more effort and time.But if you really want it,there is no reason why you should NOT do it.

So,here is the link:Twise Art.Feel free to give response or comment on post I just made.It’s ok to give criticism or just say hello because every interaction with my audience is giving me spirit and energy.

Now,I know what you are thinking;What will happen to Living the Moment blog?

Answer:It still alive,don’t worry.I try my best to push contents in this blog together with Twise Art because by creating and documenting the contents,it gives me strength to live.Obviously,I will not abandon it as easy as that.

I am so grateful for everyone support.Thank you so much from deep of my heart.

Btw,here is an example of sketches I post in Twise Art.I will see you there.



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