Gratitude and the Consequences of Action

One of the most underrated quality with a lot of importance and consequences in our daily life.

Why gratitude that favor on giving more to other people should be taken seriously in our life?

In this modern world, we are so busy working for our live until we forget on taking care of our spouse and family. But yet, when something bad happens to us, we will quickly blame everything ;the environment, fate and the worse, bad luck.

We never try to look and reflect upon ourselves about it instead putting the blame to other people. We surely feel better with it but can it last forever?

Obviously not at all. We begin to feel the burden from our actions and cannot escape from it. As a result of our unchanging behavior, we falling in our life.


That is why we should be grateful to be alive, to be able to breath oxygen and still able to eat and drink since we are given much more than what we ever realize on. Why should we do the things that we don’t care of?Why we want live the life we hated for, the life we resented very much?

The simple answer is we are not feeling grateful with our life, we want to take everything but yet we give nothing to other people. We are selfish, not knowing yet not learning anything from our mistake.

We believe we are not given enough, ended up wanting more even at extent destroying relationship and souring friendship thus closing any chance for us to redeem our mistake. When we meet our wits’ end, then we will realize our mistakes but it all too late, and we regret it for our whole life.

Source:Let’s Lasso to Moon

So I now being grateful on being alive and are capable enough to write this post. Back then, I hated everything in the world and believed that my life is meaningless. I fell into depression since I unable to cope with ever changing environment.

That’s why I decided that I want to use as much my life by giving effort helping for those who once like me. Now I don’t want to take anything, but I want to give every single bit of my energy,time and effort helping other people so that they too will find what it means to be alive, to be born to this brave world.

Source:Dumb Little Man

Signing out

Isaac T. Wise

p.s:I had internet issue when I try to publish this post.It surely test my patience but you know at the end it works well,so I am grateful for that.


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