The reason why I decided to continue my writing… 

I have gazillion ideas in my head and I am so desperate to jot all those ideas. And of course I failed and frustrated of it.

Back then, I didn’t understand the importance of writing and keeping a journal. There is nothing interesting in my daily life that I could write in my journal,I thought.


International Passion

In my college life, I have quite a few friends but even that I could not share my feelings and problems with them. It was because I thought that they don’t want to hear it since they also have fair share of problems as well.
I was depressed because I failed a subject and I thought it was the end of the world. I knew that my situation was not the worst thing ever happen in human history but yet it haunted me so much. I had nobody to express my feelings, my state of mind at the time. So I started to write a journal, writing about the problems I had, the reaction towards the problem and the proposed solutions.

Sometimes I detailed my daily life, emphasized on interesting event/memories and my thought on certain and so on. Without me realizing, I wrote too much until l hurted my hand. I cannot stop writing. No matter what happens to me whether when I am happy or sad and frustrated, I will always go back to my writing.


Atlantic Post

My journal then slowly becomes my friend, my true companion,who stays with me in whatever state I am. I am indebted with it since it helped me so much to overcome the problem that haunted me back then.
Returning back on being frustrated not be able to jot down every single ideas passing through my mind,I always saying to myself that it is okay not to write every single thing in my journal, as long as I able to write it, it is already good enough.

Now,I’m still writing my journal everyday. I never thought writing as a hassle task but as a part of my life that I cannot separate with.

And that are the reasons why I write and will continue to write for my whole life.

Signing out

Isaac T. Wise

P. S:I intended to make a small word count for this post, but ‘accidentally’ typed too much words before going to sleep. Well, I cannot help it.


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