I used to believe that I’m not worthy for my life. I lived my life full of hate and doubt until nothing really matter to me anymore. Then I changed my #perspective and it change my #world forever. Now,I managed to overcome my own insecurities and fear, and living my fulfilling life.

So, for those who believe what people said negative stuff about you, listen, their views aren’t important for you. Because you are the one who living your life. Not them.

#keeponworking #keepongrinding #positivitywins #motivation #love #care #life #female #drawing #keepongrinding #feeling #personal

Feel free to check my arts on:

Deviantart: http://i-twise.deviantart.com/

Fb: https://facebook.com/iamtwise/

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/thetwisear

P. S:#alwaysbepositive and there will always somebody out there who loves you, so keep on loving your life, the way you want to be.


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