Hello there,it was raining here.The sound of dripping water,the smell of fresh of water drop and the gradually feeling the coldness of air,the darkness of the room,isolated.

Looking at the windows,far to the horizon,the march of cloud,thunderous,turbulent dark cloud,blocking any trace of moonlight,darkening the room even more.

Nobody at home except my own self.I wonder why I am here,alone ,why I am this state,not wanting to desire nor to reject anything.I accept everything that being thrown to me whether I want it or not.I resent myself as I realized my own weakness;”Why don’t you think about yourself even more,why you let yourself drown in the midst of conformity,other’s permission?”.

Unable to wake up from the bed,I tried to close my eyes.”Isn’t it better if I could reverse the time,isn’t it better if I was born as somebody else;who is brave and confident with his or her life?”.

“No.you can’t”.”You don’t have any of those abilities,you are weak human being.”

“Then what can I do,to cure ‘it’?”

You are what you chose to be.Whatever you do next will dictate your very life for a long of time.Till your own death.

What if I choose to do nothing?To be somebody who alive…. happily.

The thunderstorm move closer to the home.I can see it from the window as I didn’t close the curtain.The room then shakes heavily ,every furniture including my bed move inch by inch but yet I cannot do anything about that.Just silently lay on the bed looking at the ceiling,shocked.

‘I cannot move.’

“Isn’t that your own choice.To do nothing,to be nothing ?”.

“This is not what I want..this is not what I choose..”

“It’s your own choice.You have to face the consequence.”

The thunderstorm is directly on my home.At the center of it to be exact.There are noises of rooftop being pulled up,which I suspecting come from neighbors’ house.There are noises of dogs barking and then it vanished.There is no sound except the heavy pour of rain and the chaos in my room.Yet,I still cannot do anything.

In the midst of chaos,I can hear footsteps in moving direction to my room.It was small,tiny footstep,which then slowly become faster and heavier.Something is running to my room at a very fast rate.I didn’t recall any of my family member to come back home at this moment.It was something else.

I can hear this time the rooftop of my own house being ripped off.It seems the house can collapse at any moment.The coming footstep is as heavy as my heartbeat.I look from the side of my bed against the door.I want to see who or what is coming.

I need to escape.

Suddenly,my room completely engulfed in darkness,a complete silence.It’s coming.I gain all my senses,and immediately run toward the door before I realize that,a part of my room is gone.I can see the floor breaking,all my furniture including my bed being dragged by the storm.I have nowhere to go now except to go past that thing and run away.

The footstep is closer as ever as I kicking the door.I cannot see anything,even the balcony.The footstep was coming from left direction so I choose to run in the same direction away from it.Whether I could escape from it,that doesn’t matter.I need to run as fast as possible as further as I can.

It was dimly lit corridor,much better than in front of my room but I don’t even look back to know what it is.I want to escape of it.

I heard loud noise.I assume that my room was completely gone and then this whole level will be ripped of after this few minutes.I need to go to ground level.

Near the stairs,as I walking down,I take a chance to look at the corridor.The dimly lit light surely not help my sight much but I can see the silhouette.

The silhouette is too small to be a human,it doesn’t shape like a human at all.But it moves fast.Too fast compared to my cat.

I jump straight of stairs,since I have no means to take sweet time running from something inhuman like creatures.

Arriving the living room,I immediately go to the kitchen,picking a knife as preparation to fight that creature.I am scared of it of course.But I need to fight if my life is threaten.

Gyahhhh…Ksyuhhh…That’s surely not the noise of my cat or even human being.But I have knife.That thing is already in my living room,It rotates like finding something or someone.

I am ready with my knife when it comes slowly to the kitchen where I am hiding.’Just wait for it…”The creature suddenly rotates itself to the front door and immediately go out after reacting with a sound.

It is ringing sound of cellphone..I can hear it but it’s not from my home,it’s from my neighbour’s home.I don’t know I should be relieved of it or not.But one thing for sure,that thing is already gone and…

I heard very loud noises…everything is collapsed.Whole upper floor of my floor collapsed above me and I have no choice except to escape from my own home to outside.

There isn’t much time to think as I run against the time,as everything is collapsing above me.I run through all the rubble,escaping from the death itself.

Going through outside of my front door,I take time to look back to my house.Fire blazed-rubble filled storm was just above my home.It was so loud until I can hear nothing at all including my own scream.

Looking at my neighbours’ houses,all of it are completely devastated yet I couldn’t see anyone coming out from their house.I even don’t think I have time to search anybody as I am trying to save my own life.

I am running much further from my residential area,then I quickly noticed something before continues running.

At that time,I didn’t really know what was the red blood patch on the middle of street.I forgot that I also saw a corpse near the red blood patch.It was the creature that chasing me down and it seemed to be half eaten.I didn’t know what or who ate that creature.I just need to run as far as possible to save my own life.

-Chapter 1:My choice is-

P.s:I really don’t think anybody could finish or desire to read all this text,but if you did,thank you very much.This large amount of texts were resultant of my desperation to create something but yet,I still far incapable to do it properly.Sometimes,you wonder to yourself,what is your true ability/talent and what it means to be alive.I don’t know or even capable to find the answers for those questions.So,I just made it.Whatever I want.Not what people want from me.It is from what I want for myself.Thank you very much.

ps:Also,how many months since my last writing in this blog?Whatever it is,I enjoy writing this story well I know how much mistake that I could find from it,but hey,it’s okay I guess.


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