There are a lot of things happening to you every single day.It can be good,it can be bad.

Every single day,you wake up with hope that you will improve that day much better than the day before.You can be successful or fail with your attempt to do it.

You anxiously,cautiously walking through a thin bridge in the midst of fog.unclear with which direction you go,worrying you will fall anytime.

Unfortunately,you will surely no matter what you do.It same with everyone too.

But,make them any different than you.Are you just worrying about yourself more than anybody?No,they too worry about themselves as much as you do.

You swim upward to the surface of water no matter how strong the force pulling you in.Then,you climb the bridge once more time and continue walking.

You look right and left and see many people fall into water.Some of them fall and float in the water,some of them fall and never seen again.They shout for help,but you cannot help them.You just can’t.

They cannot save themselves without climbing the bridge by their own.And you know how it feels,it is terrible,how could this rule being made.But,yet that how the world work.We,as human just follow the system that we created ourselves.

Looking forward,you see few people on bridge slowly walking their way through.Few of them fall,then quickly climb it.Most of them fall so many time,but nevertheless keep climbing the bridge.

You decide it’s time to walk forward.You never know what going to happen.You will never know.

-Isaac T.Wise,2017-


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