Invitation to my new website:Twise Art

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Hello everyone,I just make a new blog,Twise Art where I will upload my sketches and drawing there.I always aspire to be an artist despite now I am not even in art college.Yet,I believe it still can Read the rest of this entry »


How to make yourself to be more occupied.

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I’m bored.That always in our mind when we have nothing to do.But at the same time,we refuse to do it,occupy our time.

How to solve it? Read the rest of this entry »

New beginning,new focus

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I always wondering what is my focus in my life?

It is finding wealth,pursuing your passion or just let the time pass by?That is what wanders in my mind so long.Its hard just to wake up from my bed and imagines how hard for me to start chase my dreams.

I like anime and manga.From there I learnt so many lessons,up and downs,the real and fictions,everything.

I want to share to you guys what I know,what I understand from it.Now,I already create platform to do it,Youtube.There, I will create anime reviews and discussion,where I will conveys my opinions and feeling to you.

The channel still nothing right now,so wait for more update.Thanks for reading!

Please like and comment below if you’ve anything to say.


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How do you define yourself? Okay, maybe all of you at least can decribe yourself but do you know the purpose of your life?
This is a subjective matter because everyone has different opinion about the purpose. But how to make ourselves towards that purpose? That is the most important thing.
  By the way, nobody in the world can be called useless because they know what they capable to do or not. Unfortunately, many of them fall into that categories because they only think that purpose but never do something to achieve it.
In conclusion, you should do something no matter what happened. It is because we live for short time. By the way, use the precious time wisely.

Lazy Post

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For several days,I’ve been too busy until I feel too bored.Yeah.sometimes we need rest to replenish our energy back .I should do that.Well,whatever it is,we need some space to relaxing ourselves,freeing from the hectic in city.So,let me to sleep right now..See you again.

Thank You

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Wait,this is not usual writing about tips,trick or motivations or some blabbing whatever.


This post is really for you,as my gratitude to all who have following me and liked my posts even though i just put my random ideas into it.Okay,I absolutely grateful to all of you for giving support to me and also giving me a little hope in ensure this cutie-baby blog running.

Also,here come a big news!(not too new but do i care-i want to announce it today.)

Booyahh!! Introducing my new blog,which i named as TypingWordByWord.By the way,you can go to this link .

There,I will make it as my daily journal,which i will share all(not all,really.)my moments with you all.

If you have intention to visit my new blog, please wait.As a new blog,there are less content and it will be improved time by time.


Cautions!(there will be more babbling and nonsense from me-so be prepared for it.)

I hope you happily reading my post even though it not as good as you expected for.

By the way.Again,thank you for reading.Good bye.Salute.


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