3 years wiser,better,happier than before.

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Hello there,it’s already April 2017.How easy am I to forget about how fast time already passing us.On 20th October 2014,I published my first post.I was so happy that I could share with everyone my story,my opinion while eagerly hear the same things from other people.I believe that my blog will help both the viewer and myself.

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How to make yourself to be more occupied.

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I’m bored.That always in our mind when we have nothing to do.But at the same time,we refuse to do it,occupy our time.

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New beginning,new focus

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I always wondering what is my focus in my life?

It is finding wealth,pursuing your passion or just let the time pass by?That is what wanders in my mind so long.Its hard just to wake up from my bed and imagines how hard for me to start chase my dreams.

I like anime and manga.From there I learnt so many lessons,up and downs,the real and fictions,everything.

I want to share to you guys what I know,what I understand from it.Now,I already create platform to do it,Youtube.There, I will create anime reviews and discussion,where I will conveys my opinions and feeling to you.

The channel still nothing right now,so wait for more update.Thanks for reading!

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I can be calm and patient to almost any challenges or problem in my life.But,I’ve never think I could be mad when internet disconnected or become slow.Well,I need to train myself more,right?


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It’s already months since I writing this article.I even totally forgot to visit this blog.Well,so many things happened to me during that period of time.

Right now,I’m quiet busy with my college(not really) and somehow I feel that I’m not belong there.

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Being an observant.

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In the last post,I wrote that I like to be an observant.The subject that I love to observe is human behaviour itself.But,then I suddenly realize how much I observe myself,physically or mentally? Read the rest of this entry »

Why it is okay not to be noticed by others?

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I really don’t like being noticed by anyone. Or in other words, I don’t want to be in center of people attention. Why? Here are the reasons.
   Firstly, I like to become an observer than being observed by other people. It is interesting to learn about human behaviour. From my observation, human really subjective in their opinion and so am I. By not to be noticed by anyone, I could easily do my jobs done.
    Secondly, it is unnecessary. Why? When, you become an attention, you will be pushed towards small talks with no benefit at all.I would prefer to be in solitude where I can read books in peace.
    Last but not least, you can rest your mind without thinking how people think about your apperance or behaviour either nice or bad. Furthermore, you need not to act nicely to others to please them.
   Okay, so it is concluded that not to being noticed is good? Not really.
   We as human need to interact  with other human but sometimes being so stand out in public is troublesome. It is better to be noticed a little bit but not too much.
   Lastly, being a lonely person is good to run from hectic life but by having friends, it would be better to spend time with them.
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