Hard to maintain.

Whoa,it’s already night in my place.As i fiddling through the web doing for my assignments,the urge to update my blog become harder.

Don’t worry,i will do my assignments later.Haha.What am i going to write today?

Okay,let’s see.Have you wondering become a better person?Richer?Successful?Of course everybody will think about that.It’s easy.

How about for someone who has already doing a future plan for his or her goals?It’s easy to make planning.



So,why is so hard to change yourself?

Answer:Maintaining your progress.

Humans easily brag about how they want to be successful and so on but can they prove it?

No.As we in process in changing ourselves,there will come obstacles which the biggest is LAZY TO THINK.

We are already informed about how great LAZY word affects our life.But,is it still not enough to stop our progress than lazy to think.

It is because when we lazy,we can still thinking how to overcome it or at least hate it.On the other hand,lazy to think will cause us forget all what we plan for or whatever we had done before.We will become too lazy to think,”If i don’t do this plan,all my effort will wasted.”,and that why you cannot maintain your changes.


Remember one thing,when you want to change yourself,have a really really strong mindset not in mind but also your body and soul.Other one is,no need to worry if you become lazy to thinking,when you have something to do,just snap your fingers and rushly to accomplish the task.Now you have no time to even thinking about being lazy to think.


Emm,I think i should continue my searching right now.Lastly from me, LAZY word is not exist in your mind,don’t think it or whatever related it.Just do the your task without that word.What is it?I really can think about it anymore,Okay,continue to the work.


Thank you for reading my short,fast-paced post.I hope you like it.Good bye.


Good morning!!!

Good morning and hello to everyone.It’s a nice day today right?

If yes,you are ready for having work and study.But,if NOT,there something wrong with you.

If you feeling stressed of yesterday,don’t bring it today.Discard it.As you waking up,try to see through the window.Leaves rustling,wind blowing swiftly,people strolling and sun showeting us with it’s mighty light.Leave a few moments and try to appreciate it.You also will realize that,“Ah,how wonderful my life is”


So,get off from the bed and rise your hands up and say,”I’m ready” like spongebob,no i’m kidding,try to say,”It’s really a nice morning,right?”



Before & After Sleeping

Sleeping(at night only) separates us from today and tomorrow.It acts as a boundary between day and night which at that time,human use to rest themselves


  However,do you realise that 5 minutes before and after sleeping are one of the important time on our life? Yes,it really is. Okay,let’s try this trick. Try to visualize your dream or vision that you want achieve in your head while laying on bed.This is one of methods that you can do. Other one is try to mumbling what are you want to grasp but make sure you don’t disturb your partner.Next,slowly close your eyes and sleep. On tomorrow morning,as you’re waking up,ask yourself,“What am i going to do today?” or “How am i going to achieve my vision?” Repeat the process for everyday before and after sleeping. According to  many research,our brain unconsciously thinks faster and memorize a lot better in our sleep.It is because there are less information come from our senses.


For example,a student who memorizes history lesson before sleeping can answer history test better than other student who don’t. As for after sleeping,when we emphasizes on our dream or vision by asking questions,we enhance our focus on the day to strive for that matter. But,there come the trick,this must be done everyday,as we human are forgetful.As we wasting our time,our brain will immediately react to what we thinks before and after sleeping and helps us to have better focus. So,I hope this simple trick can helps you become a better person. I don’t want give many tips believe i believe biggest success comes from smallest step that you can make. Here some words from me.

You cannot change yourself become Bill Gates,Carlos Slim or even other people in planet.You are what you are and you can become better than anyone.Because you can change yourself better than anyone who tries to change you.


Thanks for reading!

Let’s Move On

Our life are unpredictable.There ups and down in our life.Dark past and uncertainty future.But even so,we still strive on our life.

It is because our life are precious as they only once. Yet,there still somebody clueless about their journey in life.



The solutions?

Don’t worry,we cannot predict our future even we make plan of it  in most careful way.It’s normal.

But,what we must do?


Dream about your future and strive hard to achieve it.

Believe in your dream,just move on,grasp it as hard you can.

Don’t believe it?

Reality is what your mind perceive it ,right?




Life is full with uncertainty.Its full with wave of challenges yet it still fun to surf on the wave of life.

And the most important is believing in what you’re dreaming.

So take your surfboard and move on,running to uncertainty sea of life.


And you will see the beauty of  sunset at the horizon  which is tiring experience but yet joyful.

So,what are you waiting for?Let’s move on!