Gratitude and the Consequences of Action

One of the most underrated quality with a lot of importance and consequences in our daily life.

Why gratitude that favor on giving more to other people should be taken seriously in our life?

In this modern world, we are so busy working for our live until Continue reading “Gratitude and the Consequences of Action”


Thank You

Wait,this is not usual writing about tips,trick or motivations or some blabbing whatever.


This post is really for you,as my gratitude to all who have following me and liked my posts even though i just put my random ideas into it.Okay,I absolutely grateful to all of you for giving support to me and also giving me a little hope in ensure this cutie-baby blog running.

Also,here come a big news!(not too new but do i care-i want to announce it today.)

Booyahh!! Introducing my new blog,which i named as TypingWordByWord.By the way,you can go to this link .

There,I will make it as my daily journal,which i will share all(not all,really.)my moments with you all.

If you have intention to visit my new blog, please wait.As a new blog,there are less content and it will be improved time by time.


Cautions!(there will be more babbling and nonsense from me-so be prepared for it.)

I hope you happily reading my post even though it not as good as you expected for.

By the way.Again,thank you for reading.Good bye.Salute.


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