Doubting yourself

Last week,I had very good and motivational days.I finished a lot of tasks,learned new stuffs and avoided few wasteful activities that are unproductive for my daily routine.

Then,I began to doubt myself

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A kickstart affects how you are living today.

Have a nice sleep yesterday night?Of course.

Nice morning,right?Of course.

Have you done your kickstart today?What?



Yeah.Kickstart.Something that you do in the first time after you waking up from sleep or when carrying a plan out.

Either from simplest thing like jogging,cooking and even reading ( after taking bath) or complicated ones such as making plans or setting up a goal.(it is complicated?)

As for me,I’m writing this post as my kickstart.When the sun rises,and with my sleepy face.I’m typing the keyboard with spirit.

Why I make it as my kickstart?Usually,when waking up from my sleep,I’m always lose intention to do something.Consequently,I’m failing to do what i desired and blaming myself for that.But,after doing some research from plenty of blogs and books,I found that in every morning,we need to something rightly after you waking up from your sleep.No break.It’s called kickstart.




In the universe,everything has their own beginning.Same with us,in everything that we need to accomplish in the day,we need something to start our day,either sipping hot coffee or watering your plants or even just talking to yourself,’Hello,have a great day.


Lastly,you are destined to be successful,and it happen when you have something to start off.

So,ask yourself today,’Have you done your kickstart today?’.

Of course.’

 nice days


Notes:I’m feeling delightful this morning and it could be more if you’re enjoying this post.

So,what are your kickstart? and How it affects your life?

Share with us in the comment below,okay!