The reason why I decided to continue my writing… 

I have gazillion ideas in my head and I am so desperate to jot all those ideas. And of course I failed and frustrated of it.

Back then, I didn’t understand the importance of writing and keeping a journal. There is nothing interesting in my daily life that I could write in my journal,I Continue reading “The reason why I decided to continue my writing… “



How do you define yourself? Okay, maybe all of you at least can decribe yourself but do you know the purpose of your life?
This is a subjective matter because everyone has different opinion about the purpose. But how to make ourselves towards that purpose? That is the most important thing.
  By the way, nobody in the world can be called useless because they know what they capable to do or not. Unfortunately, many of them fall into that categories because they only think that purpose but never do something to achieve it.
In conclusion, you should do something no matter what happened. It is because we live for short time. By the way, use the precious time wisely.