Doubting yourself

Last week,I had very good and motivational days.I finished a lot of tasks,learned new stuffs and avoided few wasteful activities that are unproductive for my daily routine.

Then,I began to doubt myself

about my progression to achieving my dream.I asked myself,can I do it?Can I put a lot effort and time making my dream comes true?Am I capable enough to sacrifice all the entertaining(also if excessive,will be a wasteful act) activities behind in order to relentlessly pursuit my dream?

Am I ambitious enough to create the future that I desire for?

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So many thoughts in my mind until it began to affect my daily performance.My confidence started to waver and I began to creep back into my old shell.I did’nt want to initiate the changes.As a result,I lost all desires of life and it all began from a simple doubt.

That situation happened to me years ago,when I had no goal,purpose and ambition to set for.That was the time I believed everything was okay and good enough to live moderately.Not wanting to hurt anyone or hurt myself.Remains all same and unchanged for my whole life.

It was those times that I remembered most and never will be erased from my mind.Why?Because it already a part and phase of my life and it also the same times that form the me now.I now learned the lesson and become stronger as a result.

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So what I’m doing when facing with self-doubt.Starve the doubt by constantly remembering the goal,the dream that you really want to achieve in next decade or later in your life.Let’s think like this,if you are a treasure hunter,obviously you need to hunt the treasures in unfounded and unproven areas and of course you would not find it in exposed or ordinary places,right?

Why?Because the treasures are very valuable and to get it you need to spend tremendous amount of effort and time.The treasures itself are available out there,it just you who need to initiate the action of finding it.What happens if you have doubt about your abilities at that time,pack your stuff and quit the job?

You will miss a golden opportunity.

Now,imagine those treasures as your dreams you want to achieve in life.What happens if you stop working because of your self-doubt?You will not achieve anything and you remains the same just like before you start the journey.

How to stop the doubt from feeding our motivations?

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Perseverance and determination.We need it to starve the doubt.When there is nothing to stop you from achieving your dream including your doubt,you will succeed.You may cannot see how far you already going in your journey to success but by defeating your doubt by being persevere and determine to change your life,you now a step closer to your goal and your long-waited dream.

Thank you for reading this post.I am very grateful for those who may find this article helpful for them.

Update:From today,I will write 1 or 2 posts per week.I try to put my best effort in creating quality content for my readers.In order to create it,I need more time and resources.So,thanks for those who read this post and continue to support this tiny blog.Thank you.


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